At KF Forestry we offer a range of consultancy services that allow three main stakeholder groups to benefit from the carbon market.

Who we serve


Those who are considering how carbon can benefit them.


We can conduct a desktop analysis that can give indicative projections of carbon yields on a given land area.


We can produce indicative cashflows and planting plans.


We can compare native broadleaf planting strategies with commercial forestry to find the best combination for a given context.


We can register and manage your carbon for you.


We can help promote your carbon to buyers.


Those looking to meet their carbon targets.


We can provide solutions for offsetting unavoidable carbon emissions.


We can act as agents between landowners and business to find bespoke carbon offset solutions.


We can offer advice on how to describe and communicate your carbon strategy and the co benefits, such as flood risk mitigation, habitat creation and biodiversity, improved amenity value etc.


Those building Environmental Social and Governance investments.


We can present and manage purchase opportunities for funds and investors to optimise investment in forestry.


We can help investors navigate the intricacy of the carbon registration process.


We can manage woodlands to optimise both timber and carbon value.

Carbon Cheat Sheet

Please download our Carbon Cheat Sheet for a simplified walk through the process.

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